Research Projects

Clinical Nutrition

Identifies dietary and lifestyle targets to improve health outcomes in acute and chronic disease and elucidates underlying mechanisms of action in relation to traditional clinical biomarkers.

Food Science and Technology

Develops innovative technologies to promote food sustainability and design novel foods for health and well-being; applies chemistry and engineering principles to improve food quality, safety and functionality.

Food Security & Extension

Studies behavior change, nutrition education, food assistance programs, food and nutrition supplementation, and food fortification programs, as well as the study of food and nutrition-related policies.

Immunometabolism and Food Allergy

Investigates the interplay between immunological and metabolic processes: exploring the mechanisms that govern mast cell homeostasis and function during allergic responses; and 2) uncovering the dynamics of mast cell interactions with other immune cells.

Molecular Nutrition

Studies the mechanisms of gene expression and their regulation by nutrients and other dietary constituents at the molecular level, for promoting health & reducing the risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics

Investigates the roles of various genes on regulating micronutrients homeostasis and their bioavailability, and studies novel genetic and epigenetic controls governing nutrient metabolism

Nutritional Epidemiology

Involves the assessment of nutritional determinants of disease and the study of the distribution of nutrition-related factors in the human population and applies findings in nutritional epidemiology to the control of health problems.

Public Health & Community Nutrition

Involves the design, development and evaluation of interventions to improve individual and community health and address public health issues; develops weight control interventions to treat obesity and improve health, especially for Black women.

Sports Nutrition

Explores the inter-relationship between nutritional practices and sport performance in order to optimize athlete health, energy, recovery, and adaptation.

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